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Around the clock, 365 days a year. More than 1 million flight movements in Austrian airspace are being handled by Austro Control each year. AUSTRO CONTROL GmbH Abteilung AOT austro .- 0 N T t, n L. valid until an tto CERTIFIED TRUE COPY Luftfahrt-Bundesamt! Frau Anne Hanuschik Tel./ Phone +49 531 2355 3104 Fax: +49 531 2355 3199 LTH best Master's thesis.

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Pierre Hubert 0/37 - L'Arc~En~Ciel 0/38 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 0/39 - L'Argent 0/40 0/902 - LTE 0/903 - LTF 0/904 - LTH 0/905 - LTH-Kören 0/906 - LTH-kören 0/907 - LTJ Cornwall 11/17486 - Launch Control Center 11/17487 - Launch on need-400 australiensis 14/21324 - Lecanora austro-oceanica 14/21325 - Lecanora  Austro Control bietet eine Reihe von Produktgruppen für Airports, Airlines, ANSPs, staatsnahe Organisationen, Gewerbe- und Privatkunden an. LTH 40A: 2007-02-05 Airworthiness Information notice Nr. 40A Dep. Flighttechnic CHecking of the electronic equipment Sign: FL207-1/53-05 5. Februar 2007 Page 1/4 1. scope The checks mandated with this airworthiness information (LTH) shall be applicable as follows: Checking according to 4.1 - for all aircraft registered in Austria with the admitted kind of Austro Control operates a substantial number of ATS facilities throughout Austria, including radar stations. LTH 40A: 2007-02-05 05.02.2007: Release: LTH 40A Rev. 0 Form 40 LTH 40A Avionic Page 1 of 1. Title: Form 40.1 Author: Werner Kalvoda Last modified by: icosic Created Date: 10/22/2008 9:32:00 AM Company: Austro The examination stated in the LTH 40A point 4.1 is to be accomplished at all devices and Austro control makes the form 40.1 available for the recording of the Austro Control National Maintenance Programme Requirements & additional Inspection items.

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Optional Shuttle Power Shuttle (Comfort Control & declutch button on lever) Min Speed @ 1400rpm km/h 1.91 Optional creeper gears 24 x 24 Min Speed @ 1400rpm* with creeper km/h 0.14 Power Take-off Operation and control Independent/Electro hydraulic control PTO speed @ engine rpm 540 & 1000 2000 PTO speed @ engine rpm 540 Eco 1550 PTO shaft LabComm is a one-way, self-describing, binary protocol intended for transmission of data samples. Multimedia Networking 7-40 A few words about video compression video: sequence of images displayed at constant rate e.g. 24 images/sec digital image: array of pixels each pixel represented by bits redundancy spatial (within image) temporal (from one image to next) Examples: MPEG 1 (CD-ROM) 1.5 Mbps MPEG2 (DVD) 3-6 Mbps The 4-in-1 ESC not only includes 4 high-performance 40A ESCs, 1 built-in BEC, but also an Amp/Volt monitoring port which allows FC to monitor the volt & amp defence, care of arms and ammunition, and control of fire and fire discipline.

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Youth dissolution of the Austro- 19 B 6 Will be'iielli on the lust h.i"sdo/ oi e,]th.

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Friendly Customer Support Austro Control GmbH provides an optional form for the preparation of an IHP according M.A.302 of Regulation (EU) 1321/2014. Template Maintenance Programme Part-M The Maintenance Programm (IHP) and all subsequent revisions must be approved. by Austro Control GmbH or; by a CAMO / CAO with an indirect approval privilege.
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Register: OE-Type/series _____ Serial no.: _____ Aircraft use: non-commercially commercially VFR IFR Night I. Status of the electronic equipment / operating restrictions: System: Manufacturer Type Part number Serial-no. Mod status Software version Austro Control National Maintenance Programme Requirements & additional Inspection Task Reference.

Rue & Hallén Arkitekter SAR. 041430661. Bülow Hübes väg 7 E. 216 18, LIMHAMN. Bohusgeo AB. 052294650. Bastiongatan 26.
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Ind. Board of Control of the Endowment Rank- Charles E. Shlvely, Richmond, Ind; into the Austro-Hungarian customs territory Iu 1903 was $381,054,000; export NL Delage Type DI FR Bugatti Type 40 PRO-VE Automobile vehicle Bugatti Type Dodge/VW 1500 ES LTH PRO-VE automobile LTH XX ES Black Colt PRO-VE 519S EN فيات 519 FA Control car (rail) PRO-VE railway_coach vehicle 先頭 EL Aust 4— 183each 40— 1854 Amsd 103 Madison av cr E 119th—K. A. Condon.

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Austro Control is the Austrian Air Navigation Service Provider and responsible for safety in Austrian air space. The Cooperations & New Services Division was created to develop and coordinate commercial activities outside its core business. This division enables Austro Control to offer products in the innovative manner expected by customers, and to provide the bespoken services.